Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reading Round Up: Molecular Farming Edition

Mythbusting 101: Organic Farming > Conventional Agriculture. Check out the comment thread too.

Grist has posted a rebuttal to the above article: In defense of organic.

Backyard Homesteads: Honey, I Shrunk the Farm

Plan to End Use of Environmentally Harmful Chemicals On Commercial Crops Developed

Vertical Farming: Can Urban Agriculture Feed a Hungry World?

The cost of spurning GM crops is too high

Urban Farming Takes Root in Europe

10 commandments of community gardening

Your Personality Appears to Be Making You Fat

Man had samurai sword for gardening job

Do Your Grocery Shopping With a Cart Instead of a Basket: You'll Make Healthier Choices

Food for the Whole Family -- Straight from Trader Joe’s Dumpster

The Price of Bread: A Measure of Political Stability

The Giving Trees: Five Trees You’ve Never Heard of that Are Helping to End Hunger

Vertical farm in Manchester is a 'multi storey greenhouse'

Molecular Farming: HIV drug made in GM tobacco enters clinical trials

To Nullify Lead, Add a Bunch of Fish Bones

Study offers clues to emotional eating

Inside Polyface Farm, Mecca of Sustainable Agriculture

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  1. Does this personality make me look fat?

    Haha. Interesting article there, though. Thanks for finding that.


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