Sunday, September 7, 2008

Eggplant Experiment

So the heat wave I was hoping for has come and gone and while it definitely did the peppers some good the eggplants have gone nowhere. Out of curiosity and exasperation I decided to harvest one and eat it. I plucked one that was a little under 2 inches wide, cut it up, fried it in a little olive oil, sprinkled some salt on it and popped it into my mouth. It was pretty good. The taste was similar to a potato, but lighter and not as starchy, and there was absolutely no bitterness whatsoever. I enjoyed it, the only problem I had was that I only got 2 bites worth out of one fruit! I'm hoping they'll grow some more before fall weather arrives, but I doubt it. I think I'll just continue to water them and enjoy my 1 or 2 bites when I can.

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