I'm Elaine, a naturalized New Yorker originally from Chicago. I grow food in a rooftop container garden in Bushwick, Brooklyn (garden zone 7b).  I started container vegetable gardening in 2008 with zero prior experience so I'm learning as I go.

Everything I learn about the process of growing food, from starting seeds, to plant maintenance, to disease and pest management I'll share on this blog.  I'll share everything - successes and failures, problems and solutions.

I'm self reliant and creative so I prefer a DIY approach to problem solving. I focus on frugal, low tech solutions to growing ideas and garden problems.

All of the containers on the rooftop garden are self watering containers. Standard containers would not do well in such a sunny and windy location.

Follow along as I grow food while battling plant diseases, pests and extreme weather.  It should be an interesting journey.