Sunday, May 17, 2009

Reading Round Up: Mid May Edition

Bucolic Bushwick a Brooklyn Rooftop Container Vegetable Garden

Here's what I've been reading this past week.

Recession gardening grows and grows: Enthusiasm sprouting up for communal gardening from the Star Ledger, New Jersey.

Moms: Classrooms move to the garden for lessons on healthy eating from the Deseret News, Utah. My mom had a garden plot in elementary school, I wish I was taught this stuff when I was that age.

Seattle, Washington tells veggie gardeners to setback their plants 3 feet from the curb. I wouldn't do this even if it was allowed. Car exhaust and vegetables do not go well together. Plus thanks for not charging me a fee for growing my own food! City drops fees for food gardening in planting strips from the Ballard-News Tribune, Washington.

Ok, now I'm impressed: raised beds on a roof! Winter gardening in Wisconsin! One Milwaukee gardener takes it to the roof from, Wisconsin.

Finally, the New York Times asks urban gardeners how much lead is in your soil? I find it amusing that they recommend placing gardens "away from buildings." How exactly are you supposed to do that this in this city?

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