Saturday, July 25, 2009

Garden Gallery Shots 02 2009

 Orange Belle Hybrid II Pepper

Jalapeno Heaven Hybrid Pepper

Broccoli Flower

July 25 2009 Harvest

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  1. your garden and harvest are all just gorgeous!

  2. Wow! Everything looks wonderful! I still don't have any red tomatoes. I'm drooling over yours! -Jackie

  3. It's probably way too hot for those broccoli. They flourish in cool weather. I tried growing them here in Kansas this spring and got two small heads before they flowered and went to seed.

  4. Hi Jennifer, the broccoli were done weeks ago. I left them in because I have no other plans for their container. Also, I had no idea what broccoli flowers looked like so it was nice to have my curiosity satisfied.


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