Friday, August 14, 2009

Vegetable Harvest Report 06 2009

Rooftop Garden Vegetable HarvestThese maybe the last celebrity tomatoes you see coming from my garden. The gray mold is doing a number on the tomato plants. One plant is marginally healthier than the other one, but given how poorly the other plant is doing that's not saying much. I sincerely doubt any of the remaining fruit on the vine will ripen before the fungus gets them. I think I'll just pull them out and be done with it, there's always next year. In contrast, the eggplants and peppers are doing great, I wish everything were so easy care for.

Bell Pepper: 4 pounds, 1.5 ounces
Average Price: $0.29/ounce
Total: $19.00

Cherry Tomato: 4.7 ounces
Average Price: $0.42/ounce
Total: $1.97

Eggplant: 2 pounds, 12.9 ounces
Average Price: $0.25/ounce
Total: $11.23

Hot Pepper: 4.3 ounces
Average Price*: $0.34/ounce
Total: $1.46

Tomato: 6 pounds 10.9 ounces
Average Price: $0.22/ounce
Total: $23.52

Weight Total: 14 pounds, 2.3 ounces
Price Total: $57.18

Running Weight Total: 36 pounds, 5.2 ounces
Running Price Total: $159.02

*Not a lot of vendors are selling these items right now so this average will change over time as I'm able to to collect more prices.

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  1. I've had minimal fruiting as well. Right next to setting fruit, many of the flowers didn't set fruit, shriveled and fell off. I had been attributing this to lack of pollination, but I was just guessing.

  2. I think flowers dropping from lack of pollination look different from when they are affected by gray mold. My flowers would shrivel to a small, dry, brown mass, but still stay on the vine.


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