Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vegetable Plant Update 6 2009

With the cooler and shortening days I'm letting the vegetable plants get more afternoon light. So, as you can see in the photo, I've rolled back the reed fence. One end of the fence is fastened to the building's old, unused chimney. The other end is attached to a wooden pole I've slid into a heavy, patio umbrella base. When the fence was longer I used more supports to keep the fence upright between the chimney and the umbrella base, but those have been removed since they are no longer needed. I still have the umbrella meant for this base, but with the windy conditions on this rooftop I don't dare try to it use here.

Everything is still plugging along, just producing at a slower rate. I pulled out the broccoli from the DIY self-watering container several days ago. I'm not sure what happened while I was gone, but when I returned all the aphids were gone. Their molted skin was all that they left behind. I certainly don't miss them, but I wonder where they went.

Below are my sad looking tomato plants. I really expected them to die while I was away, but I was pleasantly surprised to find them with plum sized fruits when I returned. Let's see if they make it to maturity.

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  1. Maybe a predator of some sort discovered the aphids?

  2. I thought a predator or some kind of life cycle thing.


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