Monday, September 7, 2009

Reading Round Up: Small Bronze Children

Bucolic Bushwick a Brooklyn Rooftop Container Vegetable Garden

Happy Labor Day everybody.

The NY Times Starter Garden reveals their harvest totals. I wish he listed all his expenditures. If he continues gardening I'm sure some of the costs could be spread over several years.

Toronto gets their own urban farmers for hire.

Container gardening in the Capitol. I love how the first lady re-purposed the sidewalk plot. I hope she finds someplace place else to garden next year.

Go crazy with lawn ornaments. In my youth I used sneer at lawn ornaments, now I have a garden gnome on my Christmas wish list.

An interesting look into the history of important garden tools. What's your favorite garden tool? My favorite is the hose. If I didn't have that I wouldn't garden. Carrying buckets and buckets of water up a tight, spiral staircase every single day would have killed my desire to garden.

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  1. I like the write up on the lawn ornaments. I had forgotten about it for sometime. Thanks for sharing it here.

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