Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reading Round Up: Clay Pot Irrigation Edition

Bucolic Bushwick 2010 Vegetable Seedlings

Here's more on food forest gardening mentioned in a previous reading round up.  Read more about forest-to-table here.

The US is going to get its first food waste to energy plant.

View YouTube's most popular cooking videos of 2010.

Read about alternative irrigation systems for dry land areas.

I had no idea there was a market for this: cook and eat your own face this Christmas.

A study has found careless handling of seeds may be the key reason for the unintended spread of genetically modified crops.

Wind turbines help crops by channeling beneficial breezes over nearby plants.

The Food News Journal looks back on 2010.

Harness geothermal energy to help grow food.

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  1. Oooh, the food waste to energy plant is just... awesome. That face gelatin mold is... weird! I can see it being a great item for Halloween!

  2. Hi Mimi, Merry Christmas! I hope we get more of these plants. Reducing the waste stream while creating energy and usable by-products in one facility is pretty awesome.

    Regarding that face mold thing I agree, it does make more sense to market it during Halloween than Christmas. I can see it being a part of a ghoulish buffet at some Halloween party.


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