Friday, March 12, 2010

And so it begins... 2010 Seed Selection

Bushwick Rooftop Container Gardening Seedlings

I started some seeds 8 days and as you can see from the above photo they've all sprouted (no duds, so I'll have some vegetable plants to give away).  Right now there are only pepper and eggplant seeds in the tray.  In about a week I'll start the tomato seeds and a few weeks after that I'll start the cucumber and cantaloupe seeds.

I'll be planting about the same amount of plants I did in the 2009 container garden, but given what I've chosen to grow I'll probably surpass last year's 57 pound vegetable harvest

This year I'm starting fresh with all new seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds, a company based in Maine, so I'm certain anything available on their site will do fine in my area.

Orange Blossom Tomato: 2 plants
Gold Nugget Cherry Tomato: 1 plant
Gretel Eggplant: 2 plants (or maybe just 1)
Lipstick Pepper (red sweet bell pepper): 2 plants
Gourmet Pepper (orange sweet bell pepper): 2 plants
Islander Pepper (lavender sweet bell pepper): 2 plants
Padron Pepper: 1 plant
H-19 Little Leaf Cucumber: 2 plants
Halona Cantaloupe: 2 plants

No peas on the rooftop this year, I've decided I don't like them enough to actually grow them in the limited space available in the container garden.  They're being replaced with cantaloupe.  Melons are new territory for me so I'll be observing them closely for the entire growing season.

This will be my 3rd attempt at growing cucumbers.  Last year's seed never sprouted, the year before that they died from powdery mildew, so I really really hope this year's attempt works out.

I haven't decided if want to track the market value of what vegetables I harvest this year, but I'll continue to keep track of my expenses.

Seeds: $35.50
Seedling Heat Mat: $27.96
Seed Starting Plugs (Jiffy Pots): $6.52

Total: $69.98

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