Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Reading Round Up: Human Cheese Edition

Bucolic Bushwick 2010 Rooftop Garden Vegetable Plants

Here's the step by step process to genetically modify a seed.

French bakers to raise baguette prices after wheat costs double.

Would you eat human cheese?  I love how the illustration uses the L train.

Demand only gourmet ice for your cocktails.

Also, alcohol does not kill brain cells.

Buy some space meat.

Start your own food truck.

Reducing food waste is a key way to combat hunger.  About 40% of food produced globally is thrown away or spoils before it's eaten.

Gleaning is making a comeback in the US.

Grow mushrooms in used coffee grinds.

View a FDA official on the Onions News Network.

Coming soon: Soda Pot, Marijuana Soft Drinks

Read about a women addicted to eating couch cushions.

Sheep thefts in Britain likely connected to rising global food prices.

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