Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reading Round Up: Horse Semen Edition

Bucolic Bushwick Indoor Gardening
I haven't started any seeds for the rooftop garden yet. Right now I'm using the window to grow some early crops.  The container on the left has swiss chard and the middle and right containers have radishes.

Worm compost prevents damping off in seedlings.

Study: Pesticides Harm Manhood.

The term "Urban Homestead" is trademarked, legal and Internet battles ensue.

Plants cloned as seeds: Hybrids that breed true would be major advance for crop plants.

College cafeterias save food by ditching trays.

Read about the Greenhouse, a 100% waste free restaurant.

Why are food prices going crazy?

A New Zealand food festival adds horse semen to their menu.

Climate change extends allergy season in North America. Boo :(

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  1. I need to brush my teeth, now...

  2. Hi Marie,
    Yes, just thinking about it makes me ill.

  3. BTW, radish greens are totally edible and really good! I saute them with olive oil, salt and pepper and it's really good.


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