Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reading Round Up: Chicken Sitters Edition

Bucolic Bushwick Retail Bought Self Watering Container
Ground-up animal meat and bone could be turned into biodegradable plastics.

Study suggests envy holds back agricultural development.

Heirloom or hybrid?

No literacy, no problem: Lessons in farming and health can be watched as animations on mobile phones.

Sleep deprived people eat 300 more calories a day.

US food industry to trim packaging waste by 4 billion pounds.

Car parts from fruit!

UN Report: Agroecology could play a vital role in boosting crop yields and advancing economic development.

Another mobile phone use: Texts to farmers reduces harvest loss and pesticide application.

Turmeric can be used to detect explosives.

Urban Chinese embrace organic collective farming.

Chicken sitters.

Meet Renee from Renee's Garden.

The Battle for Biodiversity: Monsanto and Farmers Clash

Middle East turmoil reflects global anxiety about wheat.

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