Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sungold Cherry Tomato Seedling Giveaway

I have 6 to giveaway. Email me at thegardener at bucolicbushwick dot com if you'd like one. They can be picked up at my office building in Manhattan, near the Union Square subway station. The building is open until 11pm M-F so you can pick it up any time you want.

If you can't participate in this giveaway don't worry, I'll be giving away my remaining seeds later this year.

Update: All gone. Happy growing everyone!

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  1. This is awesome! I just sent you an email, if you want to swap for plant seedlings I have.

  2. Got it Mimi, your seedling is ready to go!

  3. Thanks so much! This is great! Sun Golds were on my list for this year. I'd be happy to give you some seeds in exchange if you like...shoot me an email if you're interested. Thanks again!

  4. Hi red, you got the last one, congrats! I'm all set with seeds right now, thanks for the offer though!


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