Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reading Round Up: Ghostface Killah Edition

Bucolic Bushwick 2011 Vegetable Plants

Hoof power returns to small farms.

The Second Green Revolution: An Alliance of Organic Farmers and Genetic Engineers

White Castle expands online ordering. Thank god they didn't have this when I was in high school.

Price nearly as important in taste in grocery poll.

Study finds people who stay up late eat more and eat worse.

Inspired by Farmville, MyFarm will allow up to 10,000 members to vote on all major matters on a large working farm.

The hottest beer in the world: Ghostface Killah

Read or watch the Prince of Wales speech on the future of food.

Artist creates Weedrobes, garments from fruits, weeds & flowers.

For now, US farmers dodge the impacts of global warming.

Grub compositng.

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  1. I might have to homebrew a beer this fall with peppers that I grow this summer... Always looking for unique and odd things to put into beer that don't normally belong.

  2. Hi Ben, good to hear from you! Let us know how that beer turns out.


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