Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reading Round Up: Giant Hamburger Edition

Could Paying Cash Help You Eat Healthier Food?

The Spam Factory's Dirty Secret

Urban Fish Farming: Wave Of The Future?

Woman served bloody meal at Kingwood, TX restaurant

Crops out of concrete: Farming Hong Kong's urban island

Giant Hamburger
Sets New World Record

Scottish Band Releases Single on Edible Chocolate Record

Organic Pest Control: What Works, What Doesn’t

New Zealand Pub Serves Shots of Apple-Flavored Horse Semen

Snacking, not portion size, largely driving U.S. overeating

Empowering Impoverished Communities with Compatible Technologies

Photographer Makes Creative Portraits from Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers

Beer for Dessert

Urban farming more profitable than white-collar jobs for many Congolese

Deep Inside Nathan's Annual Hot Dog Eating Contest

The right wines for Slim Jims, doughnuts and Spaghetti-Os

As American as apple pie - the origins of picnic favorites

The world's wackiest ice creams

This will be the only post for this week. I'm currently on the annual Espinosa family vacation so a friend is tending the garden while I'm away. I hope everyone had a happy July 4th and see you next week!

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