Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reading Round Up: Big Onion Edition

Bucolic Bushwick Rooftop Vegetable Garden Harvest

Kirkland, WA artist's garden pots grow veggies galore

Canadian Parks to Integrate Farming

Hard Philanthropy: 50 Cent Fights Hunger With Energy Drink

Autonomous self-steering tractor could make farmers' lives a lot easier

Will Aquaponics and Other Urban Farms Yield a Green Job Harvest?

Turmeric, the Potential Cure for Cancer Found in Indian Food

Restoring Forests and Planting Trees On Farms Can Greatly Improve Food Security

Are Shipping Containers the Solution to Food Deserts?

Urban gardening taking off at O'Hare Airport

Could cities rely 100% on urban agriculture for their food?

Consumers Willing to Pay Premium for Healthier Genetically Modified Foods

The Easy-Bake Oven loses its incandescent bulb

Government bins 'sell-by' dates to reduce food waste

Watch a video featuring Zach Pickens, a fellow rooftop gardener from Young, Broke & Hungry: The Rooftop Garden Project

Mobile Farmers Markets Would Deliver the Garden to the Garden State

Buying Local, Feeding Needy, Till Fordham Calls a Halt

Pensioner grows world's biggest ever onion...a 17lb 15oz whopper

A company rooted in American history refuses to wither away

Go ahead, Maker Faire my day

Will Detroit's Hantz Farms be the World's First Urban Farm?

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  1. Look at all those fairytale eggplants! They have been my favorite crop this year!

  2. I haven't decided what my favorite crop has been this year. I'm still mulling it over.


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