Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reading Round Up: The Waffle House Edition

People Won't Stop Eating Popcorn No Matter How Disgusting It Is

Brooklyn Pop-Up Farm Dinner: Know Your Farmer, Know Your Chef

Urban Gardeners Cash In On Demand For Local Produce

Brazil's Soy Frontier: Next Stop, Africa

Popularity of crop swaps is growing.

Economic Analysis Reveals Organic Farming Profitable Long-Term

The Friday debate: is turning your compost heap a waste of time?

The Waffle House Index: How to Measure a Storm's Fury One Breakfast at a Time

Some U.S. Farms Trade Tobacco For A Taste Of Africa

Four Deadly Disasters Caused By Food

Using Less Water to Grow More Potatoes

Don't Eat Food From Flooded Gardens: Food Crop Safety After Irene's Floodwaters

Pests Are Developing Resistance to Monsanto's Engineered Supercorn

The triumph of Jamie Oliver’s ‘nemesis’

We Are What We Eat: Food and American Identity at the National Archives

Portland, Oregon embraces front-yard farming.

The Maggot Melt

This is the only post for this week. I hope everyone enjoyed the Labor Day holiday!

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  1. I am so loving the colors in your harvest. Question about the Fairytale Eggplants. I am unsure as to when to harvest them. How long do you let them get before you harvest?

  2. Mine get to about 4 inches, but keep in mind if yours are growing in ground they'll grow bigger than mine. Color is also a good way to determine when to harvest. If the eggplant looks waxy as opposed to shiny you've probably waited a little too long.


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