Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reading Round Up: Film Farming Edition

Scientists working at creating allergy-free eggs

Is future in film farming?

Rooftop farm for Brooklyn Navy yard

Chinese Fish for Meaning in U.S. Carp Rampage

Apple’s new ‘campus’ to include hundreds of fruit trees for 14,200 employees in Cupertino

Eating any red meat hastens death

Just great! Unusual Warmth Expected to Fuel Extreme Weather in the U.S.

Glow in the Dark Sushi

Brooklyn food pantries go grow-your-own with indoor hydroponic farms

Soilless boost to terrace farming

Camping Tents That Look Like Real Food

'The Lunch Tray' Responds to Beef Industry Defenses of 'Pink Slime'

USDA Offers School Districts Choice on 'Pink Slime'

A Little Patience Please

Growing Potatoes in Burlap Bags

Sound Barrier: Can High-Power Ultrasound Protect Produce from Pathogens?

Dietary Patterns Exist Among US Adults Based On Demographics

Elementary school gardens teach math, science and patience

California Farming Communities Threatened by Nitrate Pollution

Huge Shift In What We Eat

Growing Heirloom Tomato Varieties

FYI: Why Do Kids Hate Brussels Sprouts?

Introducing the Farm Hack Tools Wiki (Beta)

Homegrown foods have a homecoming

Curbing the Killer Nutrients: Lawsuits Aim to Reduce Gulf Dead Zone

Hydroponics Gardens to the Rescue

Councilman gives Oak Park, CA residents free gardens

How to Trick Your Taste Buds Into Enjoying More Healthy Foods

Dry farming tomatoes for increased flavor

Pallet Vegetable Garden

The best ducks to keep at home

Learning to read nature's cues can help a gardener

The Farm of the Future Will Grow Plants Vertically and Hydroponically

Choosing Heirloom Or Hybrid Tomatoes

The Willy Wonkas of Urban Farming Consider Peekskill

A Chicken Without Guilt

Fake Meat America Could Love

Plot – A Stunning Cityscape Made of Carved Potatoes

Chickens in suburbia: One couple's foray into urban homesteading

Poor Diets Lower Sperm Counts

Clean Your Plate, Save the World?

Rooftop community initiative in Shanghai, China

Hoophouse of Hope

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