Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Reading Round Up: Wonderbag Edition

I Am the Lorax, I Speak for Rainbow Sprinkle Pancakes and Mazda SUVs

In the developed world a 'Wonderbag' will save you money - elsewhere it helps save lives

Yes, skeptics, Olive Garden does have a Tuscan culinary institute

Stop-Motion Guacamole

Coke and Pepsi Change Recipes to Avoid Printing Cancer Warnings

Vegetarian Cutlet: New Method to Prepare a Meat Substitute

Why We Have Sliced Bread

Potato and plantain batteries show promise

What's Wrong With Pink Slime?

Young Woman Is Strangely Addicted to Sponges and Soap

Aiming high: FarmingUp has sights set on Greenpoint

Supermarket Checkout Scanner Uses Object Recognition Instead of Bar Codes

Easy Themed Edible Gardens

Salt resistant wheat could help reduce food scarcity

Farmers Face Tough Choice On Ways To Fight New Strains Of Weeds

Five Great Grains with Promise for the Future

EcoCity Urban Farm Takes Root Amid Strip Malls

For Deliverymen, Speed, Tips and Fear on Wheels

Kill-It-and-Eat-It Locavores Give Cities Indigestion

Spike in Food Prices Projected by 2013

Berries Keep the Brain Young, New Study Reports

The Many Faces of a Planter

Time to get gardening seeds and supplies ready to go

Food security and climate change mitigation through urban agriculture

Campbell's Soup Phasing Out BPA Use in Cans

Dissolving fruit stickers

Egypt: A New ‘Roof-Top Revolution’ Emerges

100 years of Oreo cookies

Cupcake ATM vends sweet treats around the clock

Hydroponic Farmer Produces Year-Round Harvest

Myths about vegetables and fruit

The "Pink Slime" in Your Kid's School Lunch

Peak Meat: US Meat Consumption Falling

Pepper Jack sales soar as buyers say spicy cheese, please

It’s Not Junk if I Made It: Recreating Snack Cakes, Cookies and Chips at Home

Shedding a light on indoor gardening

What gardeners do on wet weekends

How Young Scientists Are Determining the Future of Organic Farming—and Craft Beer

Eat more, move less and don’t gain weight by blocking a marijuana-like chemical in the brain

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