Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reading Round Up: Twinkies Edition

The Legumes of War: How Peanuts Fed the Confederacy

Japanese Goggles Make Food Look Bigger, Help You Lose Weight

Strike threat at Hostess could kill off Twinkies

Dutch Insect Cookbook Will Have You Eat Bugs

Studies Question the Pairing of Food Deserts and Obesity

Brain freeze found: scientists uncover the cause of ice-cream induced pain

If the food’s in plastic, what’s in the food?

Urban Farm Pop-Up Shop Sprouts in Brooklyn

Mechanism That Gives Plants 'Balance' Discovered

Gardening Tips: Getting Started on Your Summer Vegetable Garden

Making Preserved Food Actually Taste Good

For a Healthier Country, Overhaul Farm Subsidies

Climate Change May Create Price Volatility in the Corn Market

Crown Heights: Urban farmer lets you buy eggs — straight from the source

Join the CNN iReport Team: From garden to table

A fresh approach: Restaurant gardens take root

Starbucks to phase out bug extract as food dye

Straw-bale gardening lets you grow vegetables without soil

An interesting perspective from a small island state: The Cost of Living: Three experts give their views

New fruits and veggies look good, taste great

The Hell's Kitchen Farm Project: Church Farming Provides Food And Community

Biodegradable fast food containers made from waste straw

Erb Foundation gives $1 million to SHAR Foundation's urban farming project on Detroit's east side

Urban Farming Is Growing a Green Future

Solar powered greenhouse desalinates sea water for irrigation

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