Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reading Round Up: Big Maconomics Edition

Human genes engineered into experimental GMO rice being grown in Kansas

Big Maconomics: How McDonald's Explains the World

A Visual Guide to the Potential of Urban Agriculture

How the Taco Gained in Translation

Rooftop Fish Farm Ups the Ante for Urban Agriculture

10 Tips to Prevent Common Gardening Diseases

Eat Scum: The Science Behind the Algae Fat Substitute

Can an African "Green Revolution" Help Feed the World?

Mebiol’s Futuristic Hydrogel to Grow Food on Desert Sand

Tree roots in the vegetable garden

Fish: The Latest Addition to New York's Urban Farm

Windowfarms: Apartment Farming Technology Coming in August

Where a Tower Was Tabled, a Farm Took Root

'Green bullet' innovations aim to feed world of 9 billion

Will Allen Speaks On the Future of Food

Garlic Compound Fights Food-Borne Bacteria

Inexpensive sensor measures ripeness of fruit

UK: Rising price of fun: Football tickets up 184% and cinema 46% dearer - but at least gardening's still affordable

Nine ways food growing can help you meet neighbours

Perennial vegetables: a treat for tastebuds

How Researchers Came Up With Nutrition Requirements (It's More Interesting Than You Think)

Taste For Pork May Be Determined By Genes, Study Finds

MLS-listed house selling with ‘Urban Farmer’ pitch

How to cash in on an edible landscape

Flexible partition wall and indoor herb garden become one with Herb 2

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