Thursday, June 14, 2012

More First Fruits

The garden is steadily growing. The recent cool, wet  weather has kept me extra vigilant for signs of disease, but so far nothing has appeared. Let's hope it stays that way!

One of the Hakucho Hybrid melon plants has reached the reed fence.

Flexum Hybrid peppers.

More Black cherry tomatoes.

I've noticed some aphids here and there, but the population remains low.

The first Giant Aconcagua pepper.

Summertime Green tomato plants hiding behind the shade cloth. The window screen fabric I've been using as shade cloth has been up for a few weeks and so far, it has been holding up very well against the elements. It's been through some very gusty days and a few major storms and I have yet to see any rips anywhere any on the fabric. I bought more for future use. $14.68 for a 25' roll, much cheaper, and easier to find locally, than actual shade cloth.

The Mountain Magic tomato plant has now reached the 3rd rung of its cage.

The first Mountain Magic tomato.

3'x25' roll of window screen fabric for shade cloth: $14.68

Total: $14.68

2012 Running Total: $181.08

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  1. I'm growing 5 tomatoes in different containers on my terrace, and I noticed that one of them has a few yellow leaves toward the bottom. My google results tell me everything from it's normal to a major disease. Has this happened to you? I've also noticed that the scarlet runner beans have seemed to stop growing up, but they are flowering. What do you do about aphids? I've also seen some. I'm using a spray of water, garlic, and a dab of castile soap, and it seems to be working.

    1. A few years ago I had a problem with magnesium deficiency, that can cause yellowing of the bottom leaves. Do you have a photo of the affected leaves? A close up shot helps with identification.

      I don't have experience growing beans, but aren't they a warm weather crop? It's been kind of chilly recently, especially at night, they could be just reacting to the weather. Or, pot size does affect plant size, maybe their container isn't large enough to support a larger plant.

      I just spray aphids off with a strong blast of water. I don't expect to completely eradicate them from the garden, unless your willing to douse your plants in insecticide that is an impossible task. I just try to manage the population. The best defense is maintaining strong, healthy plants and attracting beneficial insects to eat the harmful ones.


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