Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reading Round Up: Space Bread Edition

How to bake bread in space

The future of food: Five frontiers

Dangerous foods - don't eat these at home

A Genetic Cure for Tomato Rot

Tomato Genome Gets Fully Sequenced -- Paves Way to Healthier Fruits, Veggies

The Green Wheel would grow herbs and veggies, Halo-style

Groundwater Depletion in Semiarid Regions of Texas and California Threatens US Food Security

Hydroponics get high-tech with 'personal gardening assistant'

Turning wastewater into fertilizer pellets

Toxic Flame Retardants: Now In Your Food

Garden Visitor Can Be Deadly If Eaten: Poison hemlock is easily mistaken for edible plants

Should we eat more goat meat?

The Peas that Smelled the Leaky Pipe

100 Days of Madness as the ‘King of Fruits’ Is Celebrated Again

That's One Way to Deal With Invasive Species

Chicago Gardener Aims To Use Technology To Connect Growers, Foodies

Food Trucks in Paris? U.S. Cuisine Finds Open Minds, and Mouths

Handheld laser device measures veggie consumption levels

Cutting edge technology: Robot that automatically de-bones chickens could save poultry businesses millions per year

New York Plans to Ban Sale of Big Sizes of Sugary Drinks

How a 9-Year-Old Girl's Food Blog Forced Healthier Lunch Options

Maplewood, MN warehouse turns into a growhouse

Co-op Board Wants To Kick Out Urban Fish Farmer

Electric stoves are for suckers – man makes meals using solar cooker

A 30,000-Square-Foot Community Garden, in a Parking Garage

Mobile app facilitates food donations across Phoenix

Could Dwarf Corn Improve Yields?

Rooftop fish farms to feed Germany's sprawling urban population

Researchers look to nanotech to keep fruit fresh

Midwestern Cherry Crops Obliterated, While Northwest Orchards Predict Record Harvest

‘We are Abalimi. We are the Farmers’ – urban micro-farming in Cape Town, South Africa

Ethanol Scheme Bids to Clean Up Cooking

Disney’s EPCOT features urban food growing technologies

Mr. Li’s Guerrilla Garden

Vice Lolly – An Ice Cream Made from Holy Water and Absinthe

Chic Combo Composter, Cutting Board, and Planter

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