Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reading Round Up: Vitamin Donuts Edition

Innovative pizza vending machine really delivers

Lunch: An Urban Invention

Antibiotic-Free Meat Map Launched for Consumers

Poll: Americans Don't Want Antibiotics in Their Meat

Fake meat: is science fiction on the verge of becoming fact?

Vitamin Donuts, WWII

In Defense of Genetically Modified Crops

Sunburnt leaves: the myth debunked

Toronto, Canada: Cultivating an agricultural revolution

American Neo-Gothic: Meet the Newest Crop of Farmers

A Pollen Coating Could Help Identify Who Fired a Bullet

Bridgestone tests Russian dandelion as raw material for tire rubber

Winchester, MA: Police Logs: Mailman Stops Argument Over Gardening

Things Are Dry All Over: Ten Tips for Tolerating Drought in Your Garden

Antigua embraces backyard gardening in an effort to save millions

Trees New York kicks off its FruiTrees New York project

Microbe that lives in salt shows promise for salmonella vaccine

China: Balcony farmers are taking root

Tokyo, Japan: Garden on the bay plots agricultural revival. Yowza, $261 a month to rent a garden plot, am I reading that right?

Washington DC: Documentary – “Planting Community: The Story of Wangari Gardens

The Eco-Idealist Urban Farm Intern Who Is Terrified of Chickens

Chicago, IL: Weiss Hospital grows rooftop urban farm

The risk management strategies of bee hives

UK: National Trust's secret £700,000 complex keeps rare plants safe

Behind the scenes at a McDonald's food photo shoot

Organic Produce: What Is And Isn't Worth The Price Tag

BurritoBot: 3D printing meets fast food

Futuristic Greenhouse of Miniature Cold Frames

Hanging grow box heads for commercial availability

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