Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Reading Round Up: Clementines Edition

What Clementines Can Teach Surgeons

Discovery May Lead to New Tomato Varieties With Vintage Flavor and Quality

Vegetable Lover Tattoos

Red Meat Allergy Likely Caused by Tick Bites

Vintage Weight Gain Ads II, 1908-1984

Simple Sheet of Paper Keeps Produce Fresh 4 Times Longer

Nobody Beats Walmart Prices. Except Maybe These Guys.

UK: Orchard owners warn of 'apple-ocalypse'

Los Angeles urban farmers run for office

10,000 square foot rooftop farm on Bronx housing complex

Lessons learned from farmers help with gardening – and life

Small Farmers Creating a New Business Model as Agriculture Goes Local

Argentine greenhouse robot brings automation to the masses

Moldy matters: How wasted food is destroying the environment

UK catering industry pledges to cut waste

Reddi-Bacon, 1964

The Generation X Report: Food in the Lives of GenXers

Saving Our Seeds: The Story Behind Seed Savers Exchange

Mini Kitchen Garden Watered By Draining Dishes

Detroit Urban Farming And Agriculture Program Launches With Michigan State University

Zuidpark – Europe’s largest rooftop farm opens in Amsterdam

The Decolonizing Diet Project is Teaching Volunteers to Eat Like Native Americans

Endangered Cake Museum

In Washington, DC, Doctors Add Vegetable Prescriptions to Anti-Obesity Arsenal

No Thursday update this week, have a great July 4th everyone!

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