Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reading Round Up: Edible Coffee Cup Edition

Sprout ... a living plant from a dying pencil

Bacon Costume, 1894

New Guide Puts Unfamiliar Ingredient Names in Consumer-Friendly Terms

Twenty-five fascinating fried foods from the Texas State Fair

Edible coffee cup soon to hit European market

These days, Old MacDonald has a farm and a smartphone

Verde Gardens Farm Program Tapping Demand For Organic Food To Help The Homeless

Chicago Turning into FarmVille

Newly-Discovered Rice Gene Could Boost Global Food Supply

Championing the Farm to Table Food Movement

“Tiny Plots” building a web-based and mobile application for urban agriculture

New York health board approves ban on large sodas

Drought Losses Of U.S. Crops Smaller Than Feared, USDA Reports

West Harlem church embraces sustainable urban farming

Apple growers face grim harvest with worst yield for 15 years

India: Urban agriculture for food security

Nature Outsmarts Monsanto: Pests Develop Resistance to GM Corn

Galápagos Tomato Provides Key to Making Cultivated Tomatoes Resistant to Whitefly

Urban farming is no longer just for the tree-hugging types

Can Eating Your Veggies Save You From Cancer?

Healthy food doesn't mean 'organic'

Reining in Red Meat Consumption Cuts Chronic Disease Risk and Carbon Footprint

Breakfast comes to the classroom

Hospital Brings Organic Farming to New Heights

A floating garden in New York City – The Waterpod, open water agriculture

Floating allotment barge in east London

4 Gardening Instructional Graphics

Homemade drinks using fruit and vegetable from your garden

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