Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reading Round Up: Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve Edition

Syrup Stockpiles, Wine Lakes, Butter Mountains, and Other Strategic Food Reserves

Andy Warhol's '15 minutes' of fame are not up yet

McDonald’s To Open Vegetarian-Only Restaurant

These New Transgenic Goats Are Filled With Human Breast Milk

The Serious Eats Guide to Sandwiches

The Farmery: A Pop-Up Urban Farm Made From Recycled Shipping Containers for Raleigh, NC

The Science of Pomato Plants and Fruit Salad Trees

Researchers Use 'Banker Plants' to Help Battle Whitefly Pests

Losing Land, and Finding a Roof

Lighting and Music Reduce Fast-Food Meal Size

New phone app predicts crop yields

Stanford Scientists Cast Doubt on Advantages of Organic Meat and Produce

Organic Food Under Fire (Again)

Urban 'fish allotment' scheme trialled in Bristol

With Their Food Scarce From Drought, More Animals Try Dining in Town

State Department introduces 'food diplomacy' program

From Farm to City: Staten Island 1661-2012 – the Museum of the City of New York

Restaurant in Italy Lets Diners Pay With Fruits and Vegetables

Why Do Students Give Teachers Apples and More from the Fruit’s Juicy Past

Whole Foods, Trader Joe's Force Local Food Co-Ops To Make Big Changes

Nuclear-Powered LEDs Will Light Up Future Space Farms Far From the Sun

Exploding watermelons with your mind

‘Bush Tucker’: meet Australia’s superfoods

Judge turns convicts into gardeners

Floating Farms Could Provide Cheap, Plentiful Produce

Seattlites Learn What Will Grow in the Nation’s First Rooftop Community Garden

No-Till Farming Helps Capture Snow and Soil Water

Retirees find new life farming Toyota fields

A Upick Farm Diversifies Its Income Streams

In Hong Kong, tackling a mounting food waste problem

Using Fertilizer Wisely Could Help Feed 9 Billion People

Sol Food Mobile Farm: Leading the Food Justice Movement to your Backyard

Cropswap’ website takes barter between home gardeners online

The joys of hugelkultur (or rotting wood to you and me)

How To Protect Gardens From Free Roaming Cats

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