Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Reading Round Up: Post Sandy Edition

New York’s Urban Farms Weather Hurricane Sandy’s Winds But Not Her Waters

When Disaster Strikes, Local Food Alone Won’t Cut It

NYC’s urban farms face a climate reality check

Jeans Tight? It’s Sandy

Distribution Disruption

An ad-hoc army of volunteers feeds those still-powerless after Sandy

New York City Urban Farms After Hurricane Sandy

In a natural disaster, eat your iPhone case

The Sustainable Rooftop Garden

Sugar Murals and Cake Icing Graffiti by Shelley Miller

It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf*ckers.

Hobbit Hole Chicken Coops Bring the Beauty of the Shire to Your Backyard

Growing Everything but Gardeners

The Science of Good Cooking: Tips From America’s Test Kitchen

4 Story tall Vertical Farm that is up to ten times more productive than regular farms

Farm to fork: The growing movement of urban farming

Edible Deodorant Tastes Sweet, Makes You Smell Like Roses

GM tomatoes and helpful bacteria claimed to lower cholesterol

Intensive Farming With a Climate-Friendly Touch: Farming/Woodland Mix Increases Yields

London’s answer to NY’s High Line - a subterranean Low Line for mushrooms, people

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