Thursday, March 28, 2013

2 New Self Watering Containers for the Roof

It's still a little too chilly to be working on the roof so to keep myself busy I converted 2 standard planters into self watering containers. The planters are from CB2, but I don't think they sell them anymore. They were given to me by sister a few years ago and I'm only just now getting them rooftop ready.

These are soft-sided containers so to add some rigidity I added sticks to the top edges of the pot, underneath where the fabric is folded down. This will make them easier to grab and move around. I also taped some landscape fabric inside the planter to block light.

The new water reservoirs for the pots. These reservoirs have 4 drainage holes, one on each side. Previously I would only add 1 drainage hole per reservoir, but it occurred to me that the roof surface is uneven, and if I place a container on a slanted area of the roof its very likely a part of the soil will be sitting in a pool water due to poor drainage, not good. To avoid such swampy conditions, and to ensure consistent air space between soil and water, multiple drainage holes are best.

I don't have enough platforms available to raise these containers off the roof so, as an alternative, I made reflective placemats to place underneath them. The placemats are made out of aluminum foil and white duct tape.

The shiny side of the foil faces down, to bounce heat away from the bottom of the planters. Tape is added to the dull side to improve durability.

Self watering container and reflective placemat ready for the roof.

Starting my 2013 rooftop seed selections this weekend. Growing season here we come!


  1. It looks very nice - you are so creative!

    1. Thanks Charm! Isn't it great to get back into growing?


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