Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Plants on the Roof

All of the peppers and and the rest of the tomatoes went in last weekend. All that's left to plant are the melons. 3, Planet F1 pepper plants went into the Southern Patio Jumbo Growing Tower on the right.

One corn seed finally sprouted. 1 out of 8! I dug around to look at the other seeds and the few that I could find looked rather mushy with no signs of sprouting so I thought maybe the soil was too moist for them. I planted new seeds and took off the plastic mulch to improve airflow. If more corn seeds do not sprout soon I'm going to have to decide what to do with the container, keep the one corn plant and find a companion plant or give up on corn for this season and plant something entirely different.

Brandy Boy F1 tomato in the 26 gallon tote.

Jasper F1 cherry tomato is doing really well.

Japanese Trifele Black tomato in one of the 16" CB2 square containers.

Ozark Beauty strawberry.

Beaverlodge tomato in the other 16" CB2 container. The plant was quite small, compared to the other tomato seedlings, when it was planted so I wrapped it in window screen fabric for some wind and bird protection.

My original plan was to plant this variety early, 2 weeks before everything else, since it is an ultra early tomato (55 days) that is hardy to cool weather (it was bred in Alberta, Canada). The seeds were germinated indoors. Once they sprouted they were immediately put outside in the mini greenhouse with the intent to get them acclimated to outdoor life as soon as possible so that they be could planted as soon as possible.

While they did become acclimated to the cooler outdoor temperatures their growth progress paled in comparison to the indoor grown seedlings. The size difference was remarkable, I wish I had taken a side by side comparison photo. By the beginning of May the Beaverlodge seedlings were still far too small to be planted so the plan was abandoned. If I had chance to do it over again I would let them grow indoors with the rest of the seedlings and then just harden them off  before the others.

3, Giant Aconcagua pepper plants in a 12" CB2 container.

Yukon Gold potatoes.

Cosmonaut Volkov tomato in the second Garden Patch GrowBox.

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