Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reading Round Up: Perfect Fruits Edition

Uh oh! Fungus threatens the gin and tonic

Start the countdown! Twinkies return to shelves July 15

Soylent raises $800,000 for food replacement product

Japanese Shop Sells Perfect Fruits as Luxury Items

Some NYC Housing Projects Will Now Double As Urban Farms

The Gut-Wrenching Science Behind the World’s Hottest Peppers

Portraits of Grandmas and Their Cuisine From Around the World

Kitchen Safe protects your treats from yourself with a time-lock

Test Tube Tomato

RHS 'sheep-eating' plant about to bloom in Surrey

Why the Tomato Was Feared in Europe for More Than 200 Years

How Guerilla Gardening Can Save America's Food Deserts

Oreo’s Latest Limited-Edition Flavor: Watermelon

Austerity Lentils

Planting the seeds for a new kind of urban garden

Men's gardening clubs alive and reasonably well in the 21st century

Weekend Gardening: Tomato Pests

It's one delicious drone -- the Burrito Bomber

Rotation-Resistant Rootworms Owe Their Success to Gut Microbes

Chipotle Starts Labeling GMO Ingredients On Website Menu

8 Foods We Eat In The U.S. That Are Banned In Other Countries

The London school taking veg from playground to plate

Freight Farms: Hot Boston Start-Up Expands To Worcester

Urban farmers living off the (city) land

For 'refugees from urban farming craze', a backyard to call home

How does your garden grow? Tower gardens grow a small farm's worth of food in a closet-sized space

Growing food in the cities

UK: ‘Traffic light’ food labelling system finally rolls out

The Farmery is a radical vision of what farms and grocery stores can be

This is what your supermarket would look like if all the bees died off

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