Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Reading Round Up: Auto-Brewery Syndrome

Auto-Brewery Syndrome: Apparently, You Can Make Beer In Your Gut

In Pursuit of Tastier Chickens, a Strict Diet of Four-Star Scraps

Making Food From Flies (It's Not That Icky)

How Robo-Bees Could Save America's Crops

Dishwasher Cooking: Make Your Dinner While Cleaning The Plates

The Adorable Sushi Roll Art of Takayo Kiyota

IgNobels 2013: The Tearless Onion

Spotting Opportunity from Above, Airline Pilot Launches Rooftop Farming Startup in Hawaii

Women Living Near Pesticide-Treated Fields Have Smaller Babies

Man builds $141.33 'McEverything' dream sandwich

African Caterpillars Resistant to GM Maize

Confusing Food Date Labels Lead to Unnecessary Food Waste

UK: Up to two-fifths of fruit and veg crop is wasted because it is 'ugly', report finds

Mayor Bloomberg's $1.1B Lower East Side development project includes rooftop farm

What food allergies are costing families -- and the economy

Panera CEO eats on $4.50 a day for a week

Modern Farmer Magazine Capitalizes on a Trend

An Urban Farm In the Most Unlikely Location: A Shanghai Mall

CDC Reveals Scary Truth About Factory Farms and Superbugs

Searching for a winner in the cutthroat world of competitive chili pepper growing

The Dark Side of Cooking – Naturally Black Chicken

Study: Sometimes Diets Fail Because of a Stomach's Insensitivity to Fullness

Nevada Develops Indoor Agriculture Industry

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