Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reading Round Up: Beer & Sausage Edition

Look Inside a Chicken Nugget

Horrific Tales of Potatoes That Caused Mass Sickness and Even Death

Every Man’s Dream Diet Actually Works – Man Sheds Pounds on Beer and Sausages Alone

Food waste: Tesco reveals most bagged salad and half its bread is thrown out

Edible Architecture – The Creative Food Towers That Destroyed Salad Bars in China

How Oreos Work Like Cocaine

In Tokyo, the automated restaurant

22 Hours in Balthazar

Maximizing Broccoli's Cancer-Fighting Potential

Enough Farmville. Time to grow real food

Best dressed chicken in town: hens go hi-vis

Improving School Lunch by Design

Hydroponic Urban Farm Provides Year-Round Supply of Healthy, Organic Produce to Massachusetts Mill Town

Moment of roof: Urban farming entrepreneur explains how he got on top

Visit bucolicbushwick.com to read more about rooftop vegetable gardening.

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