Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reading Round Up: Sriracha Edition

The highly unusual company behind Sriracha, the world’s coolest hot sauce

$100,000 Chicken Coop: What the Cluck?

Deathbed confession solves mystery of phantom gnomes

Halloween: the world's creepiest fungi

Electronic label indicates if perishable items have gotten too hot or too cold

Argentina Is Using More Pesticide Than Ever Before. And Now It Has Cancer Clusters.

Not Just a Hot Cup Anymore

Unleashed On Halloween, Monster Cereals Haunt Hoarders

Cold Crime: Jell-O Stolen From Work Fridge Sparks Police Call

Kansas Farmers Commit To Taking Less Water From The Ground

One Design Theatre: The Car-Powered Aquaponics Farm

Ma’am, Your Burger Has Been Paid For

Fifteen Tons of Groceries, Sailing Down the Hudson

Where did the 29% horse in your Tesco burger come from?

Dozens of Prisons Across the Country Are Turning to Gardening for Rehabilitation

Startup Co. Targets Small Indoor Farmers; Aims to Make Hydroponic Control Systems More Accessible

Fat from butter and cheese not a problem, says heart specialist

Does This Taste Funny To You? Teens Face Off in Competitive Dairy Tasting

Why the Avocado Should Have Gone the Way of the Dodo

Introducing Greater Yield, a Series On Urban Agriculture

Fertilizers Are (Nearly) Forever

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