Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Reading Round Up: Coffee Maker Cooking Edition

Black Widows Found in Supermarket Grapes in Several States

Coffee Maker Cooking: Brew Up Your Next Dinner

Exhibit features cheese made from human bacteria

Guerrilla Street Art Campaign Covers Fast Food Ads With Real Recipes

Get ready for the Great British Rake Off: BBC hopes to replicate the success of cooking show with home-grown veg and a taste of The Good Life

Women Taking Over Farms, Learning the Lay of the Land

Americans – why do you keep refrigerating your eggs?

We'll give you one guess about what Noodlebot does

Indoor farm taps technology to grow leafy greens

Did you know you could grow your own "Cracker Jacks" in the garden?

Rooftops reinvented - using Egyptian roofs as farm space

Yes, this is a fresh tomato orbiting in space at 4.8 miles per second

Visit bucolicbushwick.com to read more about rooftop vegetable gardening.

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