Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reading Round Up: House Plant Cupcakes Edition

Vegetable Seed Giveaway

A College Student Has Figured Out How To Grow Food Using Your Old Fish Tank

The Eat of Battle - Army Ration Packs

DIY House Plant Cupcakes

Increasing homogeneity of world food supplies warns of serious implications for farming and nutrition

Artist Paints Common Foods to Disguise them as Other Foods

Holy Guacamole! Chipotle says don't panic

New school meal standards significantly increase fruit, vegetable consumption

Hong Kong's Guerrilla Gardeners

NTU students bring green thumb to gray concrete of Taipei rooftop

America’s New Generation of Farmers

Minnesota man spreads straw-bale gardening technique with the world

He leads a comfortable life by farming just 3,000 square meters

Tampa Bay Police Report LSD-Tainted Meat Exposure

Why Does Everyone Hate Monsanto?

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