Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rooftop Debut

The dreary winter is over and the rooftop is ready to go!

My new diy self watering containers are in place and being put to good use. It's too warm to keep the top on the greenhouse so I'm just using the remaining piece as a wind collar. Once stems and leaves grow thicker and sturdier to the elements the collar will come off and a support cage will be put in its place.

I'm having a problem with birds harassing the plants so the bamboo sticks are there to discourage entry. Not sure if it's a big or small bird doing the harassing so if its turns out the gaps are too big I'll add more sticks later. I have bird netting on hand, but it's irritating to work with, it gets caught on everything, so in situations where there will be a lot of movement and handling sticks are an easier option.

The container on the left is awaiting a few melon plants.

The container on the right has been planted with a Sunsugar F1 cherry tomato.

The 2nd garden section has 3 planters for vegetables. Melons will go in the container on the left. The center container has a tomato plant and the 3rd container will be for eggplant. At some point I'll install the new reed fence so the melon plants have something to climb.

The unfortunate Beaverlodge tomato plant that brought on the bamboo barriers. I have a spare plant so I might just plant that instead of waiting for this one to recover. 

4 containers in the 3rd section.

Yukon Gold potatoes. I waited too long to harvest last year's crop so this is my second attempt to successfully grow spuds.

Sugar Buns F1 corn. It's hard to see in the photo but some of the seeds have already sprouted.

Orange Blaze F1 peppers.

Bush Goliath F1 tomato.

2 vegetable containers in the 4th section.

Giant Aconcagua pepper plants in the right container.

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye tomato in the left container.

The Ozark Beauty strawberry plants near the seating area have bloomed.

The flower pots to attract beneficial insects are hiding under bird netting. I sow the seeds and then don't disturb the planters until they're moved to their permanent location so the use of netting is appropriate is this instance.

Seedlings waiting for planting.

Flower Seeds, Seed Starting Soil & Jiffy Pots: $20.91

Total: $20.91

2014 Running Cost Total: $285.85

Visit to read more about rooftop vegetable gardening.

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