Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reading Round Up: Synthetic Biology Edition

Facetime With Your Plants? Welcome To The Future Of Microfarming

High-rise Hydroponic Farm

Panera Bakery Cafe Chain Phasing Out Artificial Ingredients

Your Vanilla Ice Cream Is About to Get Weirder

Germany's first waste-free supermarket about to open its doors

Will California's Drought Bring About $7 Broccoli?

This Japanese Water Cake Looks and Tastes Unlike Any Sweet You’ve Tried Before

Taking urban farming to a whole new sublevel

How to create a stylish mini-farm at home

Edyn smart garden monitoring system helps your garden grow

Being Happy With Sugar

Terra Firma’: A Film About Women, War & Healing on the Farm

Illegal Buildings along World-Famous River to Be Destroyed to Help Farmers

Genetically Modified Cheese… Is Nothing Safe? At the Boundaries of the GMO Controversy

Urban Farming Documentary Needs a Kickstart to Be Aired on PBS

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