Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reading Round Up: Chocolate LEGOs Edition

The Infamous Rainbow Grapes – Are They Real?

Edible Chocolate LEGOs by Akihiro Mizuuchi

Special Sauce for Measuring Food Trends: The Fried Calamari Index

Ben & Jerry’s makes ice cream-powered ice cream; world peace next

Bacon-Powered Motorcycle Is Cruising Your Way

Up on the roof: Is London moving its gardens to the sky?

These Floating Vertical Farms Are Designed To Bring Local Food To The Densest Urban Areas

The little seed library that could … get busted by a state ag department

How To Raise Your Own Edible Crickets

In the Greenhouse: A Towering Figure Enclosed Within a Glass Greenhouse by Susanne Ussing

We tried to forage dinner from a city park, and here’s what happened

This Massive Rooftop Sky Farm Might Just Make Hospital Food Taste Good

Food of the future: what will feed 7 billion people?

Banker Plants

Chinese Fast-Food Stall Owner Hires Buff Male Model to Flip Burgers, Makes a Killing

Visit bucolicbushwick.com to read more about rooftop vegetable gardening.

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