Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Reading Round Up: Chocolate Teapot Edition

Long-Awaited New Series ‘Food Forward’ Makes Its Debut on PBS

Cereals Begin to Lose Their Snap, Crackle and Pop

Teapot Made Entirely from Chocolate Can Hold Boiled Water without Melting

Fungus Could Be the Key to Avoiding a Global Food Crisis

Can You Trust The ‘Natural’ Label? No, you can't. It's just a marketing term. Always read the ingredient label!

New Food Police Unit Coming Soon to the UK

Aquaponic Rooftop Farm = New Age Fish and Chips

An Abandoned Rotterdam Water Park Is Now a Mushroom Farm

Banning food waste: companies in Massachusetts get ready to compost

China’s food scandals prompt farming return to high-rise Hong Kong

The Awful Reign of the Red Delicious

Food Is Cheap, At Least Compared With 4 Years Ago

Wuhan Park Place Lifestyle Project Merges Urban Farming and High-Density Living in China

Buying Organic: General Mills Swallows Annie's For $820 Million

How Millennials Spend

Growing Orlando to turn downtown rooftops into urban farms

Reality Check For Young Farmers: It's An Expensive 'Habit'

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  1. Intrigued to find both the fungus and the aquaponics theme in one blog post. This is a sign of the times, really. If we want to feed another doubling human world population we need to turn away from both top-soil-losing "conventional" intensive (land- or soil-based) agriculture and from overfishing towards agricultural methods that combine both raising fish and plants in water-saving closed-loop systems that resemble permaculture. And fungi will play an increasing role too as they can convert nutrients that other species (bacteria, animals or plants) can't. And a lot of lost soil retention and hence loss of top soil has been provoked by destroying the natural fungus "flora" in our humus strata.


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