Thursday, September 4, 2014

Still Simmering

The majority of the garden is starting to show its age, but there are still plenty of fruits left on the plants to steadily harvest until the cold arrives.

Sunsugar F1 cherry tomato

Little Baby Flower F1 watermelons.

The corn has been put out of its misery and a pepper container has been moved into its place.

Orange Blaze F1 peppers

These are great for fresh eating, super sweet and crunchy. I bite into them like they're apples. I start at the base and work my way up and around the seed stalk until I'm nibbling around the stem.

Beaverlodge tomato

This plant is such a trooper. Every time I think the plant is done a new tomato appears.

Orient Express F1 eggplant

I thought this plant would expire soon, but a recent burst of hot weather has given it more life.

A closeup of the failed Sugar Buns F1 corn. Very stubby ears with some pollinated kernels.

I don't know if the seed choice was a poor fit for the roof or the container was placed in a poor location. Oh well, maybe the third time will be a charm.

A much smaller section 3.

Bush Goliath F1 tomato. I think I'll grow this variety again next year. This year its performance was hampered by poor location so I'd like to see how it does in a better spot.

Giant Aconcagua peppers

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye tomato.

August 21-September 3:

Cherry Tomato (Sunsugar F1): 12.0 ounces

Eggplant (Orient Express F1): 3.5 ounces

Pepper (Giant Aconcagua): 1 pounds, 3.75 ounces

Pepper (Orange Blaze F1): 1 pound, 3.25 ounces

Tomato (Beaverlodge): 1 pound, 8.625 ounces

Total: 4 pounds, 15.125 ounces

2014 Running Weight Total: 43 pounds, 14.625 ounces

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