Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED Indoor Garden Unboxing

AeroGarden Ultra LED unboxing.

Guide, lamp arm, Gourmet Herb Seed Kit.

Lamp hood

Trellis system

Bowl with Grow Deck

Everything in the box:

Bowl with Grow Deck & Base Assembly
Lamp Hood
Trellis System
Lamp Arm
Gourmet Herb Seed Kit

Lamp hood front

Lamp hood back

Locking tab in hood for lamp arm.

LED panel with clear guard.

Lamp cord socket and small hole for lamp arm.

Lamp arm

Each end of the lamp arm is a different size so there's no way to insert the arm the wrong way.

Bowl with Grow Deck and base assembly.

Water port flap and fill level indicator.

Back of bowl and base assembly.

Pump power cord plugged into base, lamp power cord, power plug and hole for lamp arm.

Pump power cord plugged into base and large hole for lamp arm.

Polarized plug. One plug powers both lights and pump.

Bowl with Grow Deck and base assembly.

Bowl with Grow Deck removed.

Pump in bottom of bowl.

Pump with interior fill line indicator, this indicator is not visible when the Grow Deck is in place.

Grow Deck with seed pod openings and water port.

Grow Deck with water port flap open.

Fill line indicator beneath water port flap.

AeroGarden Ultra LED completely assembled with lamp hood in lowest position.

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