Friday, October 3, 2008

Next year's plan and a look back part 1

With the season winding down I'm already thinking about what to plant next year.

Bushwick Rooftop Vegetable Garden PeppersI think the only vegetables I'll keep from this year will be 2 bell peppers: California Wonder and Orange Belle Hybrid II. Plus the hot pepper: Jalapeno Heaven Hybrid. These guys produced crazy amounts of fruit and showed great pest and disease resistance. I'll be looking for a different yellow bell pepper to grow since the ones I grew this year were kind of small.

The Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid cherry tomato will be replaced by a different variety. The plant produced a lot of fruit, even after it got wilt it continued to churn out tasty cherries, I'm just interested in growing something different now. I'm thinking Sun Gold.

The roma, on the otherhand, flat out sucked. It produced little fruit, never really overcame its wilt problem (unlike the cherry tomato), and it had a disgusting bout with hornworm caterpillars, but the real problem was the flavor, blah! I'll try a regular, main crop tomato next year.

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