Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Year, New Garden

Aren't you glad winter is almost over? I'm tired of the cold and I can't wait for spring to arrive. I was so eager to start this year's container vegetable garden on the rooftop I bought my seeds at the end of December! That snowstorm we had March 1st was an unpleasant surprise, but hopefully that was winter's last gasp.

Last year I bought a lot of supplies since I was starting from scratch, this year I'm going in the opposite direction. I'm going to try to spend as little as possible. Every monetary expense will be logged on this site. So far I've bought 6 packets of seeds and a re-usable seedstarting kit. As long as nothing goes catastrophically wrong my only other expense should just be a couple bags of soil.

Seeds: $30.40
Seed Starter: $29.90

Running Total: $60.30

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