Friday, July 31, 2009

Vegetable Harvest Report 04 2009

Rooftop Garden Vegetable HarvestSo I think I'm on track to beat my garden costs. August is just starting and I've already made back about 32% of my money. With that said however, I don't want to jinx myself, so let's just wait and see.

Cherry Tomato: 17 ounces
Average Price: $0.42/ounce
Total: $7.14

Bell Peppers: 13 ounces
Average Price: $0.29/ounce
Total: $3.77

Eggplant: 2 pounds, 7.3 ounces
Average Price: $0.25/ounce
Total: $9.83

Weight Total: 4 pounds, 5.3 ounces
Price Total: $20.74

Running Weight Total: 12 pounds, 15.7 ounces
Running Price Total: $65.33

*Not a lot of vendors are selling these items right now so this average will change over time as I'm able to to collect more prices.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Harvest Report 04 2009 . It was nice going through it. Keep it up the good work.


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