Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reading Round Up: 2 Year Sandwich Edition

I still have some seeds to giveaway. Check out the list here.

Picky Eaters More Prone to Allergies

Square Foot Gardening and Permaculture Join Forces (Video)

How the potato changed the world

'The Urban Food Revolution' Goes High Rise

Urban-Rural Solidarity: Farmers March on Wall Street

Listeria Cantaloupe Outbreak Ends As Most Deadly in 100 Years

Breaker: An Urban Micro Agriculture Challenge in Manhattan

The Seed Farm Grows New Farmers

The Army's Latest Innnovation: A Sandwich That Stays Fresh for Two Years

I, Cheeseburger

Freight Farms wants to build its first production unit

Idea for an Organic Potting Soil Business Hits Pay Dirt

Urban farming an emerging trend as Kenya lives on edge of climate change

2000 Year Old Food Forest Feeds 800 Farmers (Video)

When Smugglers Try To Transport Drugs In Cheese

Vertical farming system to top Vancouver parking lot

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