Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grow Forth and Prosper: 2011 Vegetable Seed Giveaway

If you would like some seeds just email me at thegardener at bucolicbushwick dot com.

Cherry Tomato: Sun Gold F1, 57 days
Container friendly, rooftop friendly, disease resistant, great tasting fruits. Highly recommended.

Cucumber: Lemon, 68 days
Container friendly. Rooftop friendly? Questionable, but the fruits are never bitter! My plant was a stressed, diseased wreck that occasionally ran out of water and it still never produced a bitter cucumber. Highly recommended.

Eggplant: Fairy Tale F1, 65 days
Container friendly, rooftop friendly, non bitter eggplants. Recommended.

Melon: Tasty Bites F1, 80 days
Container friendly, rooftop friendly, awesome flavor. My favorite seed of 2011, highly recommended.

Sweet Pepper: King Crimson, 63 days green, 75 days red
Container friendly, rooftop friendly, sweet & crunchy fruit. Recommended.

Tomato: Lemon Perfection, 70 days
Container friendly, rooftop friendly, very productive plants, unfortunately their flavor was unremarkable.

Tomato: Valencia, 76 days
Did not do well on the rooftop. Very tasty tomatoes though so I would recommend it for ground level or sheltered gardens.

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  1. I've got one baggie of Sun Gold seeds left. Hurry before someone else claims them!

  2. I've got 1 baggie of Lemon Cucumber seeds, 1 baggie of Yellow Perfection seeds & 2 baggies of Valencia seeds left.

  3. 1 baggie of Valencia seeds left!


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