Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Reading Round Up: Yeti Crab Edition

A brownie edge worth a million

Fast Food's Dirty Little Secret: It's the Middle Class Buying Burgers

How Rooftop Farms, Upstate Farms and Community Gardens All Help to Feed New York (Video)

An upside-down tomato cage + strings of holiday lights = a fun (and easy-to-make) alternative Christmas tree.

Horse: Coming soon to a meat case near you?

“Edible City” movie now online! – uncut, 50 minutes of film in 3 parts

New kids on the block: Urban goats get mixed reception in different cities

Yeti Crab Grows Its Own Food

'iCow': helping farmers make the most of their cattle

How to Build Small-Scale Irrigation-Free Hugelkultur Raised Beds

Gumming Up Appetite to Treat Obesity

Is Milwaukee growing the next urban farming trend?

Study of the Day: People Who Eat More Fish Enjoy Improved Memory

Meet the Good Guys: Beneficial Insect Poster

Organic-only for Beijing’s middle-class moms

Stronger Corn? Take It Off Steroids, Make It All Female

Dr. Oz Vindicated: New Study Finds High Arsenic Levels in Apple Juice

As Americans Get Fatter, the Weight They Want to Be Rises Too

Spaces of Banana Control

As Tasty Morsels, Pig Wings Take Flight

New Crop City

Farming for jobs: Can local food movement prove a broader economic engine?

Hawaii's rooftops – Community Supported Agriculture goes to new heights

Sign up for an urban edibles class at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Could Orange Peels Make Meat Safer?

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