Thursday, February 16, 2012

Indoor Gardening Adventures Continue!

Last week I started a small indoor vegetable garden. My fall planted soybeans and carrots did not work on the roof so I'm trying again on the windowsill. So far I've successfully grown swiss chard, radishes and beets indoors, now I'm trying a few more vegetable varieties.

Envy soybean seedlings are in the container on the left and Parmex carrot seedlings are in the container on the right.

I'm trying out some 1 gallon Smart Pots this time around. I haven't been using them long, but so far I like them. They're impossible to over water so you never worry if you're drowning your plants, they hold their shape when full, and they fold flat when empty for compact storage, which is a major plus for space deprived apartment dwellers.

Soil temperature varies widely throughout the day. In morning/afternoon it can reach 90 degrees and at night it can dip to 50. The weather has remained warm enough that I have not had to use the heat mat overnight at all. The grow light came on when the soybeans sprouted and now stays on for 16 hours a day.

Some new feet for the grow light. The original feet were too wide for the windowsill so I cut some 1" by 2" lumber down to the width of windowsill and drilled a hole in the center for the leg. It's surprisingly quite stable.

1 Gallon Smart Pot Containers - Pack of Five: $19.70

Soil: $8.15

Seeds: $5.40 (I did not plant the turnips or radishes indoors, but I haven't accounted for them yet so I'm doing so now.)

 Radish, White Icicle
 Soybean, Envy
 Turnip, Purple Top White Globe

Total: $33.25

2012 Running Total: $33.25

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  1. So great! I also just started some seedlings in my NYC window. (Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, artichoke, leeks..) According to my seed packets, I have a few weeks before I should plant carrots and soybeans. Would you recommend starting now? (I'm new to this...) Thanks!

    1. Hi Jay, welcome to the world of vegetable gardening! I hope you find it as fun and rewarding (and vexing) as I do.

      Wait a few weeks to start the carrots and soybeans. The crops I just planted are staying indoors so I'm not concerned about timing. I haven't even started seeds for the outdoor garden yet.

  2. Good luck growing these indoors! Hopefully they'll work out as well as your other indoor veggies have. I've looked at those Smart Pots several times but never took the plunge and tried them. I'll be eager to see what your report is on them as the months go on.

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